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2012 Training Camp

Next training camp date: April 8th - April 22nd 2013. You can access the booking form on my other website All prices below includes hotel and training camp

We also have a Cycling Holiday Camp April 22nd - May 6th. This is for those of you that just want to ride easy, plenty of stops. Ideal for fun rider or beginners

Dave has organised and run Training camps in Majorca for over 10 years. In his words, we work hard and play hard in other words you will get some quality bike riding in, and have some fun too. Dave has routes planned, includes, mountains, rolling roads, big climbs, flat, you name it, Majorca has it.

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Group leaders are included in your rides to cater for all abilities, our policy is, We set off as a group, and we return as a group Dave has been on other training camps in the past, and if you get dropped, you are on your own, learning from this bad experience, and others, we make sure you are in the correct group and stay together. Basically, we have 3 main groups, from Group 3, CTC, steady/easy rides, Group 2, moderate club pace rides to Group 1 moderate to hard 1st category rides. What we try and avoid with all groups, is not to push it too hard, structured training, group discussions will determine the rides.

Cycling Holidays will provide group leaders set at a social pace

You can now, book your own flight, taking advantage of cheap budget airlines on the net. Flying from your local airport to suit you, it keeps the price down and makes it more convenient for you

Groups are welcomed and catered for, including non-cyclists who want to travel with their partners, the hotel we use, has excursions each day if your partners want to visit the island while you are out on your bike.

All rides are structured, and suitable for all abilities. Dave is not just a training camp organiser, he is a coach too, and will make sure you do not over do your training and will be on site to offer advise. A guidebook will be sent to you prior to traveling, with coaching information, route maps and other relevant information so you can plan ahead and enjoy your holiday.

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You, the paying customer will benefit from this experience, over the years, Dave has seen so many riders from other training camps, do too much and come home exhausted, it's easy to do, unless you have someone to advise you

We will be staying at the Habitat Apartments which is part of the Duva Hotel complex in Porto Pollensa

All apartments have kitchen, laundry, lounge, bathroom and bedroom. This lovely complex is built around 3 swimming pools as well as a playground for kids. You will get half board (breakfast and evening meal) free internet and free use of Duva health club (Gym, Spa, Indoor swimming Pool as all part of Legro's Guests

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Legros training camp is more laid back and less military than the other camps. We normally head off around Easter time just before the racing season, not too early so the weather is quite warm in Majorca. No hidden charges, no price changes.

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Tel: 07930 648469