Dave has studied NLP to originally help himself become a better coach, he is now a fully trained NLP practitioner, using techniques learnt to improve mental thought process and behaviour.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of human behaviour and to understand the world around us. All our behaviour is the result of neurological patterns. Have you ever wondered why sometimes under pressure, you behave and think different?

NLP can help you improve your cycling and life in general, whether it is for motivation for your training or to focus and dial in for racing, to find that magic switch that makes you ride more aggressive and confident.

Consultation with Dave, will bring a whole range of skills that can be taught, you can use it for your chosen sport, or to become a more positive person in general life.

The key to your success is not just about training hard or eating the correct foods, your performance is governed by your head, to succeed or fail, it makes no difference, at some point mental toughness or weakness will effect your behaviour and your outcome.

Working on a one to one, together we can improve your life, improve your focus and well being and re-programme your inner thoughts, imagine looking at someone you know, who is successful, confident and positively in control, how would you feel if you felt like that?

I have worked with many athletes using the NLP principles and the outcome has been amazing.

  • Consultation and NLP £55.00 Consultation will be a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Group consultation (Clubs) £200.00
  • Expenses only occur if I come to you

Do you want to become a better athlete by improving your mental strength? Or perhaps, better at work or life in general? As a result of your improved mental strength, you become more confident, positive thinking and successful. This is where it starts, contact Dave now.

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